Welcome to the Carnival!

When the carnival comes to town, kids and adults of all ages get excited. When the "Carnival of Screams" appears seemingly overnight in early October, it is no exception. After all, who doesn't like cotton candy, friendly clowns, games of skill, rides, animals, and experiencing fantastic and extraordinary things?

This particular carnival seems to be more intriguing than most because no one can remember it visiting the area prior to its appearance a few days ago. Where had the carnival come from - Biloxi? Tallahassee? Perhaps it had come south from Montgomery? Even the townsfolk who pretend to be disinterested in the carnival are intrigued by the sounds and smells emanating from behind the multicolored gates. The location of the carnival itself is a bit odd and therefore bewilders more than a few of the locals. Why would a carnival set up directly in front of the old Wedgewood Cemetery?

It seems like everywhere you go around town you can overhear people talk about the mysterious carnival. Passersby wonder and discuss the oddities they have witnessed. There are varying descriptions of the strange looking characters lurking around the grounds. The hearsay is intriguing and in many cases, beyond belief. There are rumors of menacing looking clowns with frozen, wide toothed smiles, a man-like beast captured and straining against wildly jangling chains, a boy who looks like a lizard with strange and unblinking eyes, exotic looking games, and a dark shadowed gypsy fortune telling booth. There are even a few disturbing reports of clowns wandering around in the Wedgewood Cemetery at night. The most unbelievable rumors one might overhear come from the more eccentric locals and involve tall tales of clowns digging in the old cemetery and shrieking a chorus of chilling laughter for hours on end.  Of course, calling these folks "eccentric" and their tales "tall" is just the Eastern Shore's way of being polite. After all, no one is ready to believe the outlandish tales of possessed clowns, a wild and desperate beast man, and dark carnival magic that turns the dead into zombies.

It is hard to believe that no one has ever heard of the "Carnival of Screams" before now. Several people have researched the carnival and come up with very little information. In a related search, however, an old article was found which was as brief as it was faded. The story referenced a group of clowns who had attacked the general public in attendance at a local carnival one evening. It happened somewhere up north and stated that after the frightening melee, the clowns vanished into the night and were never apprehended.

There was recently a story in the Press Register about the carnival. A reporter interviewed the head clown, Grimshaw. Within the article, there was a picture of Grimshaw, though he looked nothing like one of those pleasant and beaming circus clowns types. In the article, Grimshaw invited everyone to experience the "Carnival of Screams" on October 31st for one night and one night only. Grimshaw promised to amaze everyone who attends with macabre spectacles. There are even flyers circulating that promise fortune telling, side show freaks, delicious treats, and other shocking surprises. 

Please join us as we host Grimshaw and his "Carnival of Screams" this Halloween night.